Steel elements

Heavy-duty floors

The floor construction is made in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1090-1 standard, execution class EXC 2 and consists of U100 perimeter profiles and U65 transverse profiles. Floors have built-in lifting nuts with steel ropes and forklift guides. Anti-corrosion protection is hot-dip galvanizing of the steel structure. Upon delivery, we hand over a-tests and documentation as well as the Declaration of Properties and the CE marking of the product.

The floor covering can be made of wooden impregnated boards, OSB boards, waterproof plywood boards, three-layer boards, steel gratings.

The wooden lining is made of spruce wood, II. categories, without dropout clauses. The wood is dried to approx. 16% humidity, the boards are 24mm thick, 100 to 120mm wide, four-sided treated, tongue and groove joint. The boards are screwed with screws to the wooden billets. The billets are attached laterally to steel U65 and U100 profiles. All the edges of the wooden covering are evenly aligned on all sides with the steel structure, the edge between the wood and the structure is 5 mm. All wood is impregnated.

The standard floor dimensions are 5,000mm x 2,500mm and 10,000mm x 2,500mm, but of course, we implement all desired floor dimensions according to the client’s needs.

Steel structures

Assembly halls

Membrane coverings

Membrane buildings are buildings that have a shell definition. Objects of this type have clean lines, each object is unique and individual.

The membrane construction system basically consists of a light-transmitting, water-repellant canvas, consisting of tailored strips that are mutually welded into a membrane, and only this is tensioned on the structure. The construction can consist of different materials: steel, aluminum, wood. Each membrane facility may have a different design, so it is difficult to give a concept for all membranes, but it usually consists of supporting internal or external main columns or girders, supporting perimeter columns to clamp the membrane with steel ropes to anchors, foundation with anchors, supporting, perimeter and stabilizing steel ropes, corner steel reinforcements for the canvas joint and steel ropes with tensioners.

The task of the membrane covering is to protect people from precipitation such as rain, hail or snow and from intense sunlight.